Water Storage Tanks

We offer several different types of plastic water tanks to meet your specific need. Each water storage tank has subtle differences that make it work best for its designed purpose. Tanks are available for residential & commercial dropship nationwide and for delivery. pdfSee our Brochure for Dimensions

BPA Free

*All Tanks of all colors are BPA-Free and manufactured with resin that complies with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulation 21CFR 177.1520 (1) 3.1 and 3.2 for storage of potable water.

Water Tanks with SunShield® Technology

All Water Storage, Emergency Water Storage, Rainwater Harvesting and First Flush tanks are now available in Poly-Mart's NEW SunShield® technology. This specialized line of tanks features a patented SunShield® layer providing complete elimination of UV light in ALL colors. This allows multiple color options while eradicating the issue of algae growth. These two seamless layers are molded together at the same time, making the inner and outer layer one complete wall. Keeping with the same virgin food-grade material as the exterior layer these industry leading SunShield® Storage Tanks feature a 10-Year Warranty.

Thispdf study by Texas A&M University provides research confirming zero UV light penetration in all colors including Artic White. In fact, our Artic White tank reflects light and will keep your stored water at temperatures 14 degrees cooler than its Dark Green counterpart. No longer limited to dark colors, all tanks of all sizes can be placed in full sun exposure. The color chart below includes our new color options of Artic White, Beige and Olive Green. Our existing Black and Dark Green water tanks are not included as they already offer zero light penetration so the additional SunShield® layer is not needed.

Sunshield Color Chart

SunShield® tanks can be ordered in the following sizes: 100 gallon SunShield® tank, 125 gallon SunShield® tank, 150 gallon SunShield® tank, 200 gallon SunShield® tank, 250 gallon SunShield® tank, 500 gallon SunShield® tank, 2500 gallon SunShield® tank.

Water Storage Tanks

water storage tanks

Our Water Storage Tanks are available for all of your water storage needs and are available in dark colors to reduce the amount of sunlight allowed to enter the tank. This helps to reduce growth of algae in your tank and preserves the quality of your stored water. (See our NEW SunShield® line for additional 11 color options with ZERO light penetration).

There are several uses for water storage tanks including a well water storage system, a property or camp without running water, or for filing livestock troughs. With built in UV inhibitors, our Poly-Mart Water Storage Tanks have added resilience in the West Texas sunlight and an industry leading 5 year warranty.

Our line of Water Storage Tanks comes standard with a screw on vented lid, inlet bulkhead and an outlet bulkhead with a plug and are available in the following capacities: 100 gallon plastic tank, 125 gallon plastic tank, 150 gallon plastic tank, 200 gallon plastic tank, 250 gallon plastic tank, 500 gallon plastic tank, 1000 gallon plastic tank, 1150 gallon plastic tank, 1500 gallon plastic tank, 2500 gallon plastic tank, 5000 gallon plastic tank.

pdfSee Our Brochure for Dimensions

Emergency Water Storage Tanks

Emgergency Water Storage Tanks

Emergency Water Storage Tanks offer peace of mind for any unexpected event affecting clean water supply and are a great resource option during power outages and catastrophic weather events. Our Emergency Water Storage Tanks, equipped with all the necessary fittings needed for long term water storage, are made from Food Grade BPA-free polyethylene. Perfect to fit through the average 32" wide doorway the 100 gallon, 125 gallon, and 150 gallon Emergency Water Storage Tanks can easily be carried inside. All Emergency Water Tanks ship with two high quality brass spigots and come pre-installed with two 3/4" bulkhead fittings.

Our Emergency Water Storage Tanks are available in the following sizes: 500 gallon emergency water storage tank, 250 gallon emergency water storage tank, 200 gallon emergency water storage tank, 150 gallon emergency water storage tank, 125 gallon emergency water storage tank, 100 gallon emergency water storage tank.

pdfSee our brochure for dimensions.

Tank Colors

Tanks are available in the colors below.

Poly Mart Color Chart

Water Tanks can be used for: Alpine Fresh Water Storage, Alpine Emergency Water Storage, Andrews Fresh Water Storage, Andrews Emergency Water Tanks, Big Spring Fresh Water Storage, Big Spring Emergency Water Tanks, Garden City Fresh Water Storage, Garden City Emergency Water Tanks, Kermit Fresh Water Storage, Kermit Emergency Water Tanks, Lamesa Fresh Water Storage, Lamesa Emergency Water Tanks, Lubbock Fresh Water Storage, Lubbock Emergency Water Tanks, Midland Fresh Water Storage, Midland Emergency Water Tanks, Monahans Fresh Water Storage, Monahans Emergency Water Tanks, Odessa Fresh Water Storage, Odessa Emergency Water Tanks, Pecos Fresh Water Storage, Pecos Emergency Water Tank, Permian Basin Fresh Water Storage, Permian Basin Emergency Water Tanks, West Texas Fresh Water Storage, West Texas Emergency Water Tanks

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