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Water Tanks

We offer several different types of plastic water tanks to meet your specific need. Each water storage tank has subtle differences that make it work best for its designed purpose. Tanks are available for residential & commercial delivery with truckload discounts offered. See the charts below for gallon capacity and dimensions.

Water Tanks with SunShield® Technology

Water Tanks are now available in NEW SunShield® technology. This specialized line of tanks features a patented SunShield® layer providing complete elimination of UV light in ALL colors. This allows multiple color options while eradicating the issue of algae growth. Keeping with the same virgin food-grade material as the exterior layer, these industry-leading SunShield® Storage Tanks are suitable for your bulk water storage needs. No longer limited to dark colors, all tanks of all sizes can be placed in full sun exposure. Colors are available in Black, Mocha, and Dark Green.

Chart Sunshield Tank Options


Water Storage Tanks

water storage tanks

Our Water Storage Tanks are available for all your water storage needs and are available in dark colors to reduce the amount of sunlight allowed to enter the tank. The dark color helps to reduce the growth of algae in your tank and preserves the quality of your stored water.

There are several uses for water storage tanks, including a well-water storage system, a property or camp without running water, or for filling livestock troughs. With built-in UV inhibitors, our Poly-Mart legacy and Snyder Industries Water Storage Tanks have added resilience in the West Texas sunlight and a 3-year warranty.

Our line of Water Storage Tanks comes standard with a screw-on vented lid, inlet bulkhead, and an outlet bulkhead with a plug and are available in the capacities in the following chart.

Chart Vertical Water Rainwater and Emergency Water Storage Tanks


Emergency Water Storage Tanks

Emgergency Water Storage Tanks

Emergency Water Storage Tanks offer peace of mind for any unexpected event affecting clean water supply and are an excellent resource option during power outages and catastrophic weather events. Our Emergency Water Storage Tanks, equipped with all the necessary fittings needed for long term water storage, are made from Food Grade BPA-free polyethylene. Perfect to fit through the average 32" wide doorway, the 100-gallon, 125-gallon, and 150-gallon Emergency Water Storage Tanks can easily be moved inside. All Emergency Water Tanks ship with two high-quality brass spigots and come two 3/4" bulkhead fittings.

Our Emergency Water Storage Tanks are available in the color of FDA light blue and the capacities listed in the chart above. 

Rain Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

Rainwater Collection Systems are extremely valuable in desert & drought-stricken areas like Midland, Odessa & the West Texas region. We sell the rain barrels, tanks & rain harvest supplies required to efficiently collect and store nature's free resource of rainwater.

Areas with low annual rainfall totals value water more than anyone. When it does rain, you want to catch it! For every 1,000 square feet of roof space, you have the potential to collect roughly 600 gallons of water per 1 inch of rainfall. Knowing how much rainwater you have the potential to collect should be determined before deciding on the total capacity of the tank(s) you choose. See our chart as a reference for the potential gallons you could collect in the next rainfall.

Collecting rainwater adds to the availability of water in droughts, allows you to water your lawn despite watering restrictions, and cuts the cost of paying utility companies for a resource when it is provided FREE from nature.

The following are the most popular uses for rainwater:

  • Watering your Plants & Garden
  • Gravity Fed Drip Irrigation Systems
  • Topping Off Your Swimming Pool
  • Outdoor Hand Washing
  • Washing Your Car
  • Water Supply for Livestock
  • Flushing Toilets
  • Primary Household Water Consumption

Rainwater Harvesting Systems - Large and Smallabove: Rainwater Harvest System Pictures - Large & Small Capacity Systems

Our Rain Harvesting Tanks come with a stainless steel strainer basket, screened overflow assembly, outlet bulkhead fitting with a plug, and a 3/4" bulkhead fitting for a water hose spigot. The strainer basket keeps large debris from entering the tank. The overflow assembly is designed for ease in directing overflow water during large rainstorms. Our 3/4" bulkhead fitting is placed at a height that enables you to fit a watering can underneath for filling.

See Water Storage Chart above for available gallon capacities.

Rainwater Harvesting Supplies

Rain Harvesting Rain Heads

rainharvesting rainhead

We carry Gutter Debris Rain Heads available for 3" or 4" downspouts to prevent large debris from entering the Rainwater Harvesting System. This Leaf Eater Advanced Rain Head offers a vertical or horizontal swivel to suit your downspout using a VH Pivot™ outlet. The new patented Clean Shield™ (single screen) technology is available in the Leaf Eater Advanced Rain Head providing advanced debris shedding and minimal maintenance. A 3" downspout option is also available.

Maelstrom Rainwater Filter

Maelstrom filter

The Maelstrom Rainwater Filter offers an advanced design with ultra-fine filtration providing cleaner rainwater. This device provides pre-filtration with a triple layer technology and a 180-micron filter bag. There are four different types of installation choices (tank top, in-tank, wall-mounted & stormwater pit).


First Flush Water Diverter Kits

first flush water diverter

Downspout First Flush Diverter Kits are available for 3" and 4" downspouts and improve the quality of water entering your Rainwater Tank or Barrel. These Kits utilize an automatic and simple ball and seat system with no mechanical parts. When installed at each downspout, these kits divert the first flush of contaminated water from your roof away from your tank. After the diverter chamber is full, clean water will be directed into your tank. 

High Flow Flap Valve

high flow flap valve

The High Flow Flap Valve is available for Rainwater Systems in 3" & 4" models. This valve is attached at the end of the overflow pipe and prevents mosquitos, pests, and birds from entering your overflow pipe and traveling up into your tank. The Mozzie Stopper High Flow Flap Valve also allows a flow of air to enter the tank keeping your stored water fresh.

Water Pumps

RainFlo Water Pumps

RainMaster-34-HP-AutoRainMaster 1-2 HP Submersible Garden PumpRainMaster 2 HP Universal Pump

We carry an extensive line of RainFlo pumps that suit most water applications. These pumps are equipped with all of the best features and performance of any pumps in their class. Our RainFlo pumps are well suited for the Rain Harvesting and Water Storage applications to pump and supply water to irrigation systems, garden hoses, and drip systems. RainFlo pumps are available for surface or submersible pump applications. Call our office today 432-684-7659 for help in determining the pump best suited for your needs.


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